Back 2 Business
Coolhead Tech's Getting Back to Business Blog is a community conversation about Google Apps, Hubspot and other tools helping Central Texas businesses meet all their goals. The blog isn't too "techie," and we mix in local news and partner profiles that we think our clients may find interesting.

Best Practices in Sustainable Business Design
Building an effective Sustainability Initiative involves addressing the way a business produces and spends revenue; uses energy and environmental resources; and engages its employees, customers, and community. Developing and implementing a plan can help ensure a business's long-term success and vitality.

Blackhaw Wealth Management
Investment insights, economic analysis and financial commentary from Ian McAbeer, president and founder of an Austin-based independent wealth management firm.

Buying Cars Her Way
Lisa Copeland is one of the most respected faces in automotive industry today. Lisa is a dedicated female consumer advocate. As the creator of, Lisa offers inside information to the female consumer in an effort to empower women to become strong auto consumers.

Capital Area Food Bank blog
Our blog provides timely commentary on issues that impact Central Texan's ability to afford a nutritious diet and avoid hunger. By sharing stories about those we help and those who help our mission we hope to increase awareness about the issue and mobilize the community to advocate, donate and volunteer.

Career Pivot
Career Pivot blog answers the practical questions Baby Boomers (and others) ask about changing careers: How do I know what would make a good career shift for me? What are the steps to a successful career change? was named to the Forbes Top 100 Career Website List for 2013.

Connie Lundgren
Connie Lundgren has been a Top Producer at Turnquist Partners Realtors since 2006. A native Texan and Austin resident for 25 years, Connie has a strong local network plus firsthand knowledge of the social, cultural and educational benefits Austin affords. Go to to learn more about Austin Real Estate.

CyrusOne blog
The CyrusOne blog provides readers the latest news and information about the IT industry, with specific focus on data centers and colocation.

Expand & Disrupt
George Bernard Shaw once said, "Progress depends on the unreasonable man." This blog is a hub of posts touching on ways to expand and disrupt your respective industries with an entrepreneurial spirit and millennial motivation. From best practices to inspirational pieces to relatable failed missions - Dan Graham has poised to be a source for entrepreneurs, both budding and seasoned, to find a good read and an occasional laugh.

Gay Gaddis - Forbes
Gay Gaddis, Founder and CEO of T3 (The Think Tank), contributes to Forbes weekly on topics including advertising, entrepreneurship, women in business, and different trends. She especially enjoys touching on current events, life lessons and highlighting entrepreneurs around Austin.

HR from A-Z
Caroline Valentine's blog is a frank and sometimes funny exploration of how HR should fit into a company's strategy...and how it often doesn't. She candidly explores HR best practices, mistakes, brilliant strokes and the latest regulatory changes, alerting organizations of all sizes what they need to know, and do, now.

HT Staffing Blog
The HT Staffing blog highlights current issues in human resources, staffing and recruiting. Our blog is a must read if you want to stay up-to-date with human resources strategy and trends.

iTexico, Web and Mobile Expert Blog
iTexico specializes in mobile and web development. Our blog is for engineering managers and developers. We share software development tutorials, tips, UX/UI design trends, and reviews of the latest software tools. We make sure to always stay up to date with today's technology trends.

Keeping Austin Real Estate
Gain valuable insight into the Austin real estate market. Broker, Owner and Financial Strategist David Brodsky analyzes economic trends and their impact on Austin real estate. Learn valuable strategies for buying and selling property as well as pitfalls to avoid. Stay informed with the market metrics that matter.

Marketing Has Changed
nFusion seeks out and celebrates marketing leaders who have the courage to take calculated risks. Our blog, "Marketing Has Changed," furthers our fresh thinking, candid opinions and digital perspective to support marketing change agents in the digital landscape.

The rateGenius blog, presented through video, copy and infographics, is a financial services series ranging from vehicle refinance, credit, personal finance, insurance knowledge and financial tips. RateGenius is a Web-based vehicle refinance company with a 200-plus lender network. The insurance branch of rateGenius brokers policies for nationwide carriers.

Realty Austin – Austin Real Estate Blog
Learn about Austin real estate, trends in the housing market or keep up with the latest news and events around Austin – we're your go-to source for everything Austin! Whether you're looking for homeownership advice or relocating to Austin, we've got you covered. Visit our blog today and fall in love with Austin!

The American CEO
Why do successful businesspeople often fail when they become a CEO? Khorus CEO Joel Trammell – who built two companies from founding to nine-figure exits – believes the CEO job is the most important but least prepared for role in business. His blog provides practical advice for current and aspiring CEOs.

The Pearson Group's Strategy and Innovation Blog
Austin entrepreneur Steve Pearson blogs with an insider's knowledge of competitive intelligence, innovation support and strategic development for long-term business growth. Thoughtful posts range from tips on patent research to leveraging disruptive and emerging technologies. Steve's passion for helping companies accelerate innovation and product development guides the insights he shares.

The Zilliant Blog
The Zilliant Blog provides information and strategies that help companies think differently about optimizing their business decisions to help make their numbers. Contributors with backgrounds that include big data, predictive solutions, engineering, sales and business intelligence share their insights on a better way to capitalize on the complexity in B2B.

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