David I. Beaver
Do you want to know how to read between the lines? UT Austin's Human Dimensions of Organizations presents Dr. David I. Beaver, Professor of Linguistics andDirector of UT's Cognitive Science program, who has studied human communication for more than 20 years. His presentations include practical methods for evaluating the language of those around you to reveal how conversational styles reflect human relationships and how normally undetected features of language can show traits such as confidence, ability, and deceptiveness.

Artie Berne
Artie Berne of ArTex Funding is an expert on alternative working capital, cash flow and private debt funding. Artie has helped fund companies that were having working capital or cash flow problems. He speaks about various programs for funding problem situations that cannot be addressed with conventional financing. Alternative Financing is more creative and flexible, and how working capital single-collateral asset-based lending can help troubled companies in need of turnaround financing. Please contact Artie directly artie@artexfunding.com or call 512-261-0024

Adam Boyd
Adam Boyd is a partner at Sandler Training in Austin (www.ms.sandler.com). Salespeople often struggle with prospecting, failing to consistently find new opportunities. When they finally get to propose, they end up hearing things like "I'll think it over" or "your price is too high". The rep ends up "chasing" for an answer that does not come quickly, making forecasting difficult. Using a highly interactive style, Adam demonstrates why this happens and how to avoid this trap.

Marjorie Burciaga
Margie "walks the talk" drawing from life's career and entrepreneur experiences, image & wardrobe consulting and certified life/family coach to create fun, energetic and passionate presentations on nonverbal communication styles for audiences. Believing that each person has a level of excellence that's achievable she teaches skills to make one's inner self congruent with their outward presentation which impacts performance and goals. Featured at Saks Fifth Avenue, Talk Radio, New York Times, Austin Women's Magazine, Influential-Magazine.com.

Chris Carruth
Vice President of Business Development, Joeris General Contractors, Ltd., Chris is available to offer his insight with regard to Contemporary Issues in the Construction Industry, Delivery Method Alternatives, Selection and Best Practices, and Construction Leadership. Chris has more than 30 years industry experience in a variety of roles, including Project Management, Field Supervision and Executive Leadership. He has worked throughout Texas and has a broad based knowledge of higher education, K-12 and other markets.

Sam Decker
Sam Decker is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, a social experience platform that helps brands involve their audience in their marketing and advertising programs. Mass Relevance has worked with over 200 major brands, sports teams, publishers, and broadcasters, such as Victoria's Secret, Patagonia, Nike, MTV, The Oscars, and NBC. Decker has authored two books on word of mouth marketing, and he frequently speaks on converged media, consumer engagement, and social technology.

Patti DeNucci
Patti is an award-winning communicator, connector, and author of The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business, which earned the top prize for non-fiction in the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Awards and was a Finalist in ForeWord Review's 2012 Book of the Year. Patti shares more than 30 years of business development, client relations, and networking experience as she teaches others how to build strategic connections with greater purpose, polish, and productivity.

Robert Dobyns
Robert Dobyns is a nationally known speaker on the subject of crowdfunding. He is a former truck driver who used crowdfunding methodology to start his own trucking business 10 years ago, which now exceeds $1.5 million in annual sales. Robert says he was "crowdfunding when crowdfunding wasn't cool". For questions about equity crowdfunding under the JOBS Act or info on his Crowdfunding 101 Workshop presentation, visit www.Crowdfunding101Workshop.com

Anand 'Andy' Gajbhiye
BIM Manager, Joeris General Contractors, Andy is known in Texas for his knowledge and enthusiasm regarding BIM during all phases of construction. He offers his expertise for presentations ranging from BIM Basics, to Evolution of BIM, to Effective Use of BIM for Specific Projects. Andy has a Masters from Texas A&M and has written several professional papers about BIM in construction. He is an engaging presenter with an ability to bring a highly technical subject into focus for all AEC professionals.

Tim Gohmann
Using his thirty years of experience counseling clients and running his own businesses, Tim engages audiences on improving customer loyalty, hiring better employees, and achieving higher workplace productivity. His mission is to dispel 'accepted wisdom' and move clients to a higher level of performance. Tim is currently a partner with Somerset Consulting Group in Austin and holds degrees from Notre Dame and the University of Virginia.

Anthony Gonzales
Anthony Gonzales, Principal of Spire Consulting Group, has successfully provided construction engineering consulting services on over 200 projects totaling in excess of $50 Billion. He is a Lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin, has been recognized by ENR Magazine as a "Top 20 Under 40 A/E/C Professional" and was awarded the Austin 40 Under 40 Award for Engineering, Architecture, and Design. Anthony assists clients by analyzing and mitigating risk in order to ensure/increase profits and improve current or future project performance.

Teri Hill
Teri engages every audience. She educates, entertains and inspires action. Topics include Leading Across Generations, Legacy Building, Accountability, Radical Responsibility, Speaking Skills, Best Year Yet, and Accelerating from Good to Great. Bringing over 20 years experience speaking, consulting, and coaching leaders, Teri has facilitated executive education for Fortune 500 companies and coaches corporate leaders and small business owners. She is Trusted Advisor and Expert Speaker for Vistage International and member of National Speakers Association.

Daniel Jimmie
Clarus Agency, your digital marketing arm of choice!
Staffed with highly sought after, senior-level developers, designers, and UI/UX experts with decades of experience. Clarus builds and deploys simple to highly sophisticated, interactive digital solutions that resolve everyday business challenges associated with high-tech companies such as, increased revenue and market share, digital vehicles to distribute and communicate content, lead generation, campaign & event assets repurposed as sales tools, and replacing outdated printed material with engaging, interactive, trackable digital assets.

Libby King
Libby King, CPA, is a seasoned business professional whose CPA firm performs outsourced accounting and CFO consulting to small businesses, specializing in federal government contracting. Libby is also a Certified Fraud Examiner who designs accounting systems to protect company assets and help detect and prevent fraud. Educating business owners with cutting-edge information on effective strategies in the areas of business management, fraud prevention, and complex pricing is her way of giving back to the community.

Alan Knitowski
Alan Knitowski is a former US Army Ranger and successful serial entrepreneur with multiple post Internet and technology bubble exits to such companies as Cisco Systems, Level 3 Communications and Internet Security Systems. He has been a Founder, Executive, Angel Investor and Fund Manager throughout his career in the private sector. As CEO of Phunware, Alan's company has created the only fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize users on mobile. Alan is a member of the Austin Technology Council and popular speaker and writer in the mobile industry.

Bucky Lamb
Bucky Lamb is the Chief Executive Officer of Rodeo Austin, the world's fourth largest indoor ProRodeo. Hear about America's extreme athletes who compete for the title of All Around Cowboy and learn about one of Texas largest charities. Rodeo Austin annually awards over $2 million in scholarships and other forms of giving to students. Saddle up for the inspiring story of Rodeo Austin - Blue Ribbons, Buckin' Broncs and Big Dreams.

Marny Lifshen
Marny Lifshen is a nationally recognized expert on crafting personal brands, building strategic networks, and developing productive professional relationships. She is a seasoned key note speaker and break-out session leader for organizations, conferences, events and retreats across the country. She also creates custom webinars and workshops for corporate clients. Marny is the author of "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women" and specializes in working with women's organizations, conferences and internal corporate women's programs.

Rob Lynch
What are today's best practices to set company strategy and can you write yours in one sentence? Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone? Are you constantly exceeding your monthly revenue/profit goals and having fun? How can you increase cash flow without more financing? To compete in today's market, CEO's MUST answer these types of questions. Rob Lynch teaches how, easily and effectively. Rob is the founder of Burst Consulting and also a Gazelles Certified International Coach. Prior, Rob led four start-up companies, three of which were acquired.

John Males
John, President of Fathom Corporate Training, has more than 20 years experience in turnaround environments. He brings deep insight and dynamic delivery to clients in the areas of management, customer service, and branding. Each year, John meets with hundreds of CEO's, HR directors, and leadership staff addressing the hottest issues Austin organizations are facing; Managing Generations, Customer Experience Challenges Due to Rapid Growth, and Internal Brand Communication. All Fathom programs are available for short presentations.

Scott McAfee
Scott joined Sanders\Wingo in 2002 as Executive Creative Director of the agency's Austin office. Over a decade, he built the creative department from a staff of 1 to about 25 and helped lead the agency as its billings doubled. Scott was named agency partner in 2007, and today leads agency's strategic direction and vision for growth. He is obsessed with building a first-class creative brand that attracts talent and clients from all over the world.

John Oberg
John Oberg is a partner at Sandler Training in Austin (www.ms.sandler.com). It's not uncommon for a well-managed company to experience 50% turnover within their sales team. They interview good candidates who have what appears to be a strong resume and track record. Once they are hired they struggle to find new opportunities and advance deals in a predictable manner. The fact is that they were doomed from the start. Any hope of them making it is sabotaged by five hidden weaknesses that John will share with the audience.

National Instruments Speakers Bureau
National Instruments equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. NI works toward this long-term mission by creating shared value for society and delivering tools that simplify development and increase efficiency, helping companies create smarter, more advanced technologies used to address the world's most pressing challenges; from developing better medical diagnostics to finding renewable energy alternatives. The breadth of NI spokespeople reflects the vast scope of innovative solutions in a variety of industries.

Becky Parker
Becky Parker, Director of Corporate Health Reform for MHBT Inc., manages corporate strategy and client communication pertaining to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA.) Becky Parker is one of the first employee benefits professionals in the United States to have earned a Certificate in Healthcare Consulting from The American College. Parker has been featured in the Austin Business Journal and several insurance trade publications. She is a sought after speaker on health reform across the state of Texas for her thorough understanding of PPACA and her engaging and informative presentation style.

Ken Partain
Ken Partain is owner of IPG Search Marketing of Round Rock, Texas. Ken is an online marketing consultant who specializes in working with small, local businesses to improve leads and increase revenue using the latest online marketing techniques. He hosts a monthly Brown Bag Lunch & Learn at the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and speaks regularly at online marketing Meetups around Austin. Ken is available to speak on the most popular online marketing topics, including Blogging, SEO, Social Media and WordPress. Call 512-651-2963 or visit www.WeMakeMarketingEasy.com.

James Pepitone
Want your executives and managers entertained or enabled? They can entertain themselves, so arrange for them to learn how to put "human nature" to work in their operations. Most never learned or forgot. Tapping more of human nature's potential is the best, fastest, cheapest, easiest, and smartest way to maximize employee effectiveness, performance and productivity ... and to solve persistent people problems. Make management's life easier. Put human nature to work in your business.

Peter Pfeiffer
Taking a look at a "street-wise" common-sense approach to green building and comparing it to the green technologies approach being promoted now. The complexity of how pre-design programming, design decisions, and green building-science interact with each other to effect human health & comfort; building durability & maintenance; conservation of natural resources; waste management; water conservation; energy efficiency and its relatedness to global warming will be addressed in an enlightening format that is timely, relevant, and inspiring.

Kazique Prince
Acclaimed leader with a distinguished and accomplished career, carving out a reputation as a dynamic and comprehensive communicator and trusted adviser. Governed by a focused vision for the future and fueled by a passion to make a difference in the new global economy. Considerable experience in the areas of Project & Program Management, Diversity & Inclusion Management, and Cross-functional Leadership Development. Owns a powerful understanding of people and what motivates them, drawing upon unique skills.

Elizabeth Quintanilla
Elizabeth is a positive, people-oriented, Marketing Gunslinger, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. She consults on: market research, messaging, channel strategies, understanding the impact of emerging business trends, web technologies and strategies, social, and product marketing. Elizabeth actively serves as a Vice-Chair on the Austin Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission.
Twitter: @equintanilla

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza
Globalization, transnationalism and diversity are not 21st-century inventions. A community characterized by diversity broadcasts that it offers a respectful, pragmatic, and fair environment. UT Austin's Human Dimensions of Organizations presents English Professor Elizabeth Richmond-Garza for speaking engagements. Drawing on cultural and performance studies, Dr. Richmond-Garza analyzes case studies from around the world to provide an informed basis for tapping the rich potential of any working community. Richmond-Garza works in eight languages and her research focuses on how diversity in the 19th century informs our modern consciousness.

Laura Roach
Over 20 years of extensive experience in Sales Operations, HR and compensation consulting focused on Sales Performance Management (SPM), compensation design and SaaS solutions. Known as an expert in sales performance and compensation strategies including base, variable and long-term incentives, as well as, helping companies transform SPM strategies to a SaaS delivery model. Currently, Mrs. Roach is the Chief Marketing Officer for OpenSymmetry driving marketing initiatives, business development, and partner strategies within the SPM market.

Bubba Russo
Bubba Russo, CEO of Enable IT Solutions has over 20 years of sales experience and management in Photo ID Solutions and Security. His expertise is in offering ID solutions for schools, hospitals, and corporations. Bubba and his sales team lead the Austin market in ID Sales in Austin and surrounding area. Bubba is always available to speak with you on topics associated with these markets as well as public speaking and sales 101 refresher assistance.

Karl Scheible
Karl Scheible is the president of Market Sense; an Austin-based Sandler Training Center (www.ms.sandler.com). Karl hosts a participant led session for senior executives on how to increase the performance of their sales organization through innovative sales management processes and systems. Topics include reducing turnover, improving forecasting, increasing margins and eliminating complacency. Over 75 Austin companies, including six INC 500 winners and 23 Austin Business Journal's "Fast 50" winners are currently using Sandler sales management principles.

Clay Spinuzzi
UT Austin's Human Dimensions of Organizations presents Clay Spinuzzi, a professor of rhetoric and writing at the University of Texas at Austin. He studies how people organize, communicate, collaborate, and innovate at work, and teaches people how to better understand information flow in their organizations. Spinuzzi has conducted multiple workplace studies, resulting in several articles and three books: Tracing Genres through Organizations (2003); Network (2008); and Topsight (2013). He blogs at spinuzzi.blogspot.com.

Greg Stamper
Greg Stamper, CEO of ScriptiLabs, has a passion for providing amazing custom web solutions for his company's clients. He has built a team that is capable of everything from complex API integrations to mobile applications to simple website modifications. ScriptiLabs team also specializes in ecommerce development. Since acquiring ScriptiLabs in 2011, sales are up over 800% and the company was just named as one of the best places to work in Austin by ABJ.

Darlene Templeton
Darlene Templeton is a professional speaker, trainer, author and executive coach. A master in LEADERSHIP and TRANSFORMATION, Darlene's extensive corporate experience has given her the tools to transform even the most dynamic executives into world-class leaders! Darlene has a special talent for easily connecting with audiences and workshop participants. Gifted with humor, intuition and a natural-born story teller, her presentation style is exceptionally enthusiastic, energizing and fun! She entertains, motivates and inspires - leaving her clients and audiences empowered with the tools for leadership and professional excellence!

Dr. George Thorne
32 years of excitement is probably the best description of my medical practice. We now routinely help patients in ways that were unimaginable when I started practicing. More importantly, those sea-changes continue to appear. In the upcoming days of health care reform, there will be friction and opportunity in the play off between cost containment and innovation. We have suggestions on how to optimize patient care in that environment. I am always glad to offer comments on both of those topics and to listen to your thoughts.

Susan Tolles
Susan Tolles is a Master in Midlife Reinventions, and as Founder of Flourish Over 50, a powerful role model who "walks her talk!" As a professional speaker, Certified Dream Coach, author, and internationally-recognized expert for women over 50, she is dedicated to inspiring and equipping women of all ages with the confidence and tools to transform their lives from frazzled and flat to focused and fulfilled. Her interactive presentations are based on her unique Powerful Me Program.

Richard L. Weinberger
Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA is the CEO of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC). The AASBC provides training and educational materials specifically designed to enhance small business consulting and small business owners with tools to increase business value and profitability. Dr. Weinberger has experience as a consultant, college professor, speaker, and author. He has a PhD degree in organization and management, an MBA in management, and BBA degrees in accounting and marketing.

Benton Wheatley
Ben has more than 21 years' experience in litigating numerous complex construction and environmental matters, negotiation and drafting construction and design contracts, serving as in-house counsel for an international A/E firm, and working on issues concerning the practice of architecture, engineering, and project construction in all 50 states, Mexico and South America. In addition to construction law matters, Ben handles administrative matters related to the construction and design industry, as well as environmental and commercial litigation.

Jenna Williams
As the Director of Public Relations for the agency and production house Broken Records Austin, Jenna is a tastemaker in the business. With social media changing the PR game it has allowed Jenna the opportunity to engage with the Broken Records audience in a style found nowhere else. She values philanthropy and she incorporates this element into dynamic event planning that pairs local non-profits with local musicians to benefit the community as a whole.


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